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Jee Hwang graduated from Pratt Institute with a MFA degree in 2009. Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, Hwang immigrated with her family to Maryland in 2003. She has actively participated in many shows in New York, including her first solo show which was at the well-known, women focused gallery A.I.R. as a 2009-2010 A.I.R. Emma Bee Bernstein Fellowship Artist. Working and living as art instructor in NY/NJ area, Hwang explore metaphoric scenes and objects from everyday life focusing on desire and relationship of people and inner self in her work.

Jee Hwang_1_Residue of Memories_48x60_Oil on  Canvas_2008

Jee Hwang_5_Island_44x53_Oil on Canvas_2014

Jee Hwang_7_Let's not see each other again III  _40x68_2014



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James Maria a nationally exhibiting and award-winning watercolorist. He completed a BFA and a BS in Art Education at Kutztown University’s College of Visual and Performing arts. James now continues to diligently maintain his studio practice at the Goggleworks center for the arts, in Reading, Pennsylvania, where he also offers private and group instruction in drawing and watercolor technique.


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Raisa Nosova is a Russian-born American artist that has received her formal art education from the Fashion Institute of Technology and the Art Students League of New York. Curiosity in cultures and in clear perception of the world has lead her to begin encountering the world through travels to Europe, Near Eastern and Southeast Asia, and sharing the discovered essence through her atmosphere-capturing paintings.






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We discovered these beautiful paintings of quiet domestic scenes by artist David Hettinger through our partner Rose Renée Fine Art.

“Award winning artist, David Hettinger, began his career when he hopped a plan from the railroad town of Aurora, IL and landed in New York City. He moved to New York on the advice of Joseph Welna, owner of Welna Gallery in Chicago, having virtually no worldly wisdom, only a fierce desire to “learn what it was to be a real artist”. Welna began showing Hettinger’s work while the young artist was still attending the American Academy of Art, in Chicago. He directed Hettinger to study with David Leffel and Richard Schmid in New York and on how to earn his living as an artist from day one. With steadfast focus and determination, Hettinger made a name for himself as a fine artist and never looked back.

Today Hettinger’s paintings are in private collections around the globe. He focuses on figurative work drawn from life in his Aurora studio. These works represent a lifetime of observing everyday relationships between people. Relationships and the sweet subtleties shared between human beings is at the core of the man and the artist that Hettinger has become. The fleeting human treasure of those subtle moments between people is apparent in Hettinger’s work in a true way, because it is Hettinger’s truth.

Formally, training began at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, Hettinger learned classical realism and the techniques of the Flemish, Dutch and Spanish Masters. After four years at the academy, Hettinger moved to New York City where he studied with David Leffel and Richard Schmid. During his two years in Leffel’s studio he painted still-lifes and figures, always working from live models. He learned the importance of working from life from Schmid and Leffel, and to this day attends life drawing sketch groups twice a week to keep his drawing skills fine-tuned. Since beginning his career as a professional artist he has had 21 one-man shows in galleries across the country. He is a master signature member of Oil Painters of America. He has won awards for his landscapes, still-lifes, and figurative paintings. His work has been reviewed in American Artist Magazine 1993, The Artist Magazine 2003 and International Artist 2004, and won the OPA Gold Medal Award in 2010.

     Forty years of drawing and painting from life have enabled Hettinger to work up concepts for paintings based on past experiences and life’s observations. He often begins a painting without models or references, pulling a scene from a past memory. Models are hired for figurative paintings only after a concept is drawn out on canvas. Hettinger doesn’t think of his figurative pieces as portraits or paintings of people but rather of relationships and moments in time. A child asking a question of an adult can inspire a painting; the idea of a peaceful summer afternoon being interrupted by a child wanting to do something or wanting to go somewhere brings a smile to Hettinger. That smile inspires a painting that will bring Hettinger into a world of possibilities. He ponders the relationship between the child and the adult, and the questions the adult seems to have trouble answering.  Bringing these concepts to life on a canvas are Hettinger’s enjoyable challenges. Working up a design for the painting, and dreaming up colors for clothing and background are little puzzles to work out. Textures of subject matter and the painting surface are more challenges he accepts. Every painting for Hettinger is a present experience in which he is reliving a past experience. Even his still-life’s hold personal memories for him. His mother was a gardener who loved to save plants from the summer by bringing them into the house over the winter. Windowsills were filled with potted plants. Now his paintings are of those potted plants sitting on the windowsill with a landscape outside. “






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“Using only palette knives and paint straight from the tube, Ann Marie is an expressionist impasto painter focusing on colorful and bold contemporary landscapes and abstract pieces. Relying primarily on memory, Ann Marie’s recent body of work references natural elements, including visual enlargements of foliage from her backyard in the city of Arlington, Virginia. She has recently been exploring the process of abscission and the seasonal shedding of leaves and bark from trees. She slathers frosting-like paint layer upon layer onto the canvas, with paint running off the edges resulting in a sculptural, three-dimensional appearance. Inspired by expressionist artists Joan Mitchell and Frank Auerbach, Ann Marie considers her style a blend of expressionism and impressionism.  She has three young boys who no doubt influence her energetic and lively painting style.

Ann Marie has exhibited throughout the mid-Atlantic region with recent solo exhibits at the Arlington Arts Center, the Manassas Center for the Arts at the Candy Factory, the Glen Allen Arts Center, Capital One Richmond, and the Hyton Performing Arts Center. She was a Resident Artist at the Arlington Arts Center from 2004 to 2009 where she regularly had solo exhibitions and volunteered.  Ann Marie graduated from Virginia Tech  Summa Cum Laude with a BA in Studio Art (painting concentration) and a BS in Marketing Management.  She grew up in Manassas, VA and first developed a love for painting in her high school art class. She currently splits time between painting and watching her three preschool and toddler boys, who no doubt influence her bold and active painting style.”-Ann Marie 


Sun Rays_30x30



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Feast your eyes on gorgeous paintings by John A. Sargent III this Monday evening.

“John Allston Sargent III has exhibited his paintings nationally since 1988. After receiving
his BA in Studio Arts and American Studies from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut,
Sargent went on to earn a MFA in Painting from the Ohio State University. He lives and
works in South Euclid, OH.”-  John A. Sargent III